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PC Aide is a first-class computer service operating in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas. We provide On-site service, because when an issue appears on your computer, you need it fixed, and you need it fixed right there in front of you.

Our main services are virus/malware removal and protection, securing networks, building quality computers, and establishing secure data backup. We excel at troubleshooting any issues which may appear on your system, and always treat you, and your computers with integrity, and care.

Think “preventative” … your computer may be running OK now… check out our “Managed Services” to see how you can avoid computer  problems in the future.


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PC AIDE Offers the Following Services

Onsite Services

When something goes wrong with your computer, you don’t want to have to take it in, and wait for it to be fixed. PC Aide repairs your computer right where you are, saving you valuable time, and energy. Our highly trained computer specialists always treat you, and your computers with integrity, and care. We strive to give you the best service, no matter what your computer needs are.

Computer Builds

The best computer for you will be one that is planned, and built with your needs in mind. PC Aide computer build pricing is on par with most retail quality computer pricing. We offer “peace of mind warranty” that your hardware will not cost more for the next  4-years – for a nominal fee. The warranty is for the hardware only and does not cover labour. PC Aide thoroughly tests the computers we build before we deliver them.


Secure and trustworthy networking is key to business and to home life. PC Aide will work with you to analyze your situation, find out your needs, create security, and provide you with trusted hardware and systems. Key is making sure your system is behind a firewall and that the firewall router is updated for best security. We know what works and what does not.

Managed Services

Our “Managed Services” is one of the best platforms in the industry that allows your computer system(s) to communicate regularly with our servers concerning system and hardware issues. We are able to make corrections from a distance without interfering with your work. Our “Managed Services” also allows us to give you the best anti-virus with proven ransomware protection. This service is a must for anyone who cannot afford to have their computer system down for any amount of time.

Data Backup

Do you regularly back up your data, files, records, pictures, and other stuff on your computer? Few even bother to take advantage of simple but effective methods of system and data backups. PC Aide excels in data backup because we understand your needs and we believe in the KISS principle – Keep It Super Simple. For your backups we choose the best location for you, to reflect the security you require. Our true backups include “versioning” which means the daily backup allows one to restore the backup from the day before the crash and / or virus attack. Backup includes workstation data with unlimited number of files. The only limit is that a file cannot exceed 5oMB (mega bytes).

Web Hosting

Supporting your business by creating and hosting your website. PC Aide makes it possible for you to have your own website designed to suit you and your business needs. Email support is available with your website, and can be tailored to your needs. Allow us the privilege of working with you to setup, host and support your website and email.

Get the MOST out of your Computing!

Are you struggling with a computer issue? Networking problems? Is your computer acting up? Restarting by itself? Do you have advertisements “showing up” unannounced? Does it take “forever” for your computer to load?

We an help? We offer professional services to get your computer or network running 100%. Then we can put in place our PC AIDE systems to ensure that you are keep running at 100%.

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